White Cottage Daylilies

Specialising in breeding the 'spider' & 'unusual form' diploid daylilies culminating in unique island bred registered seedlings unavailable anywhere else, represented and printed in journals and national publications.

Classic garden worthy varieties also held, together with rare and unusual plants personally trialled and recommended including collections, species pelargoniums, species fuchsia, hardy impatiens, agave & aloe.

"...a secret garden awash with creativity, inspiration and magic." Jean Vernon - The Daily Telegraph 

"The place to go for daylilies" The English Garden magazine

Info - Kipling's six honest....

The 'what' is above.

The 'who' is Nicholas Inigo Peirce and the 'where' Bembridge on the eastern tip of the Isle of Wight.                                                              


The how, when and why are a bit more complicated.................

Above is a picture of White Cottage (house front),..... the back garden is a lot larger.